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«...e os unicórnios cospem arco-iris e cagam marshmallows.»
B u t . . .
Cucu e.e Gui, 16 , portugal

I'm the person who like tattoos, bands, animes/mangas, games, k-drama,k-pop, south korea, japan, Gerard Way, horror movies, cats, computers... OuO

I can't live without music


I’m doing collages :D
Please don’t repost as I put a lot of work into these
(If you want me to make you one of an actor/band/tv show/band member/anything really message me and I’ll make you one!)


heart’s on fire tonight

feel my bones ignite

feels like war


These Bands, These Boys Aren’t Just That They’re Family❤️


Bring Me The Horizon // Just an edit of some logos

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